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Tukilinja – a Magazine with a Mission

Tukilinja is a Finnish magazine focused on disability-issues. The magazine has been published since 1996. The publisher, Vammaisten koulutuksen ja työllistymisen tuki ry, is a private expert organisation. It grants approximately 59 600 euros (2019) monthly as benefits to physically or mentally challenged people, who have financial difficulties.

Tukilinja is not just a magazine, but a magazine with a mission: it seeks to empower handicapped people and support their active and independent lifestyle. It pursues this goal by two basic means: publishing a magazine and giving grants. The resources for the grants are acquired solely by the revenues of the Tukilinja-magazine. The aim of both the magazine and the grants is to help handicapped people participate on equal footing in education, active life and employment.

You can support our mission by making a subscription of Tukilinja. Just fill and send the subscription-form (Tilauslomake in Finnish) on this website.

Need support?
You can also apply for a grant yourself, if you live in Finland, have a long-term illness or disability and have financial difficulties due to your handicap.

Since Tukilinja is a Finnish-speaking organisation, it is advisable to ask support from a Finnish-speaking person when applying for the grant, but it is possible to send an application in English as well. Just make sure you write down all the needed information stated in the application-form (Hakulomake in Finnish) on this website. There is no yearly timeline for applying a personal grant and the benefits are granted monthly.

The financial support we can give to individuals ranges from € 100 to € 1,500. The average grant amount is EUR 700. Community grants may be higher.

You can send the application directly from this webpage after filling the form and uploading the necessary documents to the form digitally (as scanned pdf- or jpg-pictures).

In order to make a decision of the support, some official materials are required. These are:

– Document of your financial status (a detailed tax document of your income and possessions)

– Document of your handicap (a medical report or an experts statement)

– Document of your student / pension / employment situation.

Copies of these documents are sufficient.

Don´t forget to state your full name, social security number, mail address, telephone number and e-mail address in the application-letter.

After all necessary information has arrived, the decision-process will take 2–3 months at most. The applications are handled confidentially and the decisions are sent by mail.

You will find more information about Tukilinja in the Finnish-speaking pages. You can also mail your questions to our coordinator: